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RASMALAI is a very popular Bengali Sweet. Rasmalai literally means RAS- juice MALAI – cream. Flattened balls -discs of Chhena-Cottage Cheese are cooked in sugar syrup then dunked in thick flavourful milk which is creamy . RASMALAI is juicy, soft and so delicious. Garnish with nuts and serve chilled.
Coming festival season, impress your family and guests with this mouth melting sweet. To make Rasmalai is bit easy, except one has to take care of few point. We will discuss these point as recipe goes on.

There are mainly 2 ways of making Rasmalai.

1 ) Quick and easy method : In this recipe, one can use store bought Rasgulla , just squeeze them and cook with diluted condensed milk. Ready Rasgulla and Condensed milk tin, both can be available easily in market.

2) Original way making it from scratch : This recipe involves making chhena/cottage cheese , shape it…

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