Easy Cheesy Pizza Pockets


Easy Cheesy Pizza Pockets

September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day

Ah…mini pizza rolls and pizza pockets were one of our favorite afterschool snacks. They bring back childhood memories of coming home from school, settling down to relax/play and then snacking on them before tackling homework. Sure, the store-bought brands made it more convenient and quick for our moms to feed us hungry school kids. But homemade ones are just as easy to prepare ahead of time together as a family. Pizza pockets can be stuffed with favorite fillings that are not available from boxed brands, stored frozen and reheated in the oven whenever anyone wants a little something savory to eat. For National Cheese Pizza Day, we stuffed our snacks with plain shredded pizza cheese and waxed nostalgic about our childhood and the memories with our moms (dads and siblings) with whom we partook pizza pockets!



  • Thin pizza…

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