Butternut Peanut Butter Soup

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Delectable, hearty, wholesome soup made with butternut squash, red lentils, turmeric and peanut butter. A one pot meal!

Butternut Peanut Butter Soup- vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, delectable, wholesome, hearty soup with red lentils and turmeric. Butternut Peanut Butter Soup- delectable, wholesome, hearty, vegetarian, gluten free soup with red lentils and turmeric.

It’s January! And my resolution to get back on that “eating healthy” wagon is not as easy to follow after all that party food. To add to my woes, Boston’s winter weather demands hot, hearty meals. So this is my antidote- a bowl of  warm, delectable, wholesome, vegetarian, gluten free, Butternut Peanut Butter Soup!

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