Easy Pizza Roll Ups-Game Day Appetizers

Indian Cooking Classes

Crowd pleaser, semi-homemade, vegetarian, appetizers that are a breeze to make!

Easy recipe for pizza roll ups using #bettycrockerpizzacrust and #trdaerjoesmarinarasauce Crusty, warm and cheesy Superbowl party vegetarian appetizers that are sure to be a hit at your party- with onion and cilantro flavoring!

Super bowl fever is at an all-time high this week and we are looking forward to watching the game with friends. Are you excited about the game….and the game day munchies? What are you making?

I am making these crusty, warm, cheesy pizza roll ups as appetizers. For this recipe I made a vegetarian filling of onion and cilantro. The combination of onion and cilantro is popular in Indian chaat recipes like Dabeli Style Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Corn Hurda in Papad Bowl and the Weekend Chat with a Scoop, to name a few. It tastes awesome as pizza topping too and you will love the flavor combination in these pizza roll ups.

For the…

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