Eggs and Spinach

More eggs, more brunch, more Sunday scrumptiousness!


It’s fairly straightforward, but here we go:

Butter, minced garlic and mustard. Start to heat.


In this particular recipe I used frozen spinach, but obviously fresh spinach is yummier. And possibly healthier, but I’m not sure.


No need to attack the spinach with searing heat: let it sizzle and thaw at its own pace.


Cream cheese time! Again: leave the heat on medium-low, we don’t want anything to burn!


Separate the eggs. Set the yolks aside for the last minute.

dsc_4525 aren’t they beautiful?

Pour the whites in with the spinach and mix well, so they cook.


Mozzarella time! (I get very excited about cheese)


And now, at the very last, add your yolks. If you want you can open a little space in the spinachy-cheesy yumminess and ease them right there, right on the pan so they cook a little bit more. But if…

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